Salty Man; 30ML

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7 Pound Up Cake-  A sweet and savory flavor that fuses the famous southern dish with a unique nicotine salt infused flavoring

Banana pudding- The classic banana pudding has a rich and creamy taste of banana with vanilla that makes you crave for more

Blues lemonade-  Is an tribute to our favorite sweet blue raspberry candies, a quality fusion of unique blue raspberry lemonade 

Chew- Strawberry watermelon bubblegum flavored that give you the feeling of chewing bubble gum

Hoops- Tuck into a bowl of your favorite, sweet fruity cereal while relaxing and watching cartoons on a carefree Saturday morning.

Juice Box- The rich and succulent apple flavoring, in combination with the rich and delectable fruity aftertaste is a perfect combination for those hot summer days

Kacti Kooler- A fresh orange soda styled juice that is a reminder of our favorite citrus pineapple fountain drink

Kool peach-  Fresh peach flavorings with a wide array of other fruity after tastes creating a chilled koolada exhale. A definite must have flavor for the typical peach consumer

Marshmallow Krispy- Incredible desert based flavoring that combines the perfect sweet taste of old fashioned rice crispy treats with the delicate mushy qualities of marshmallows

Ol' Fashion Tobacco- Sweet creamy nutty perfected tobacco that will cover your everyday needs

Pink Milk- This sweet and creamy flavor from your classic strawberry milk brand comes back to life in a whole new way. Pink Milk takes you back to the creamy and sweet milk flavor from your favorite beverages

Purple Reign- Sweet purple skittles bursting with flavor in every hit that you take 

Seedless Sour- Seedless Sour is a perfect fruity combination of a of watermelon and our favorite sour candies, making the perfect treat for anytime of day