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Apple Jacks- This flavor is the equivalent to a fresh bowl of your favorite childhood cereal with its mouthwatering sweetness and smooth and crisp feeling will want you coming back for more 

Berry- A combination of all of the berry flavor that you will sure to love

Berry Skittles- If you're looking for a explosion of different flavors this is the juice for you 

Blue Razz Lemonade- Sweet and tart lemonade blended with mouth watering blue raspberry

Bomb Pop- A flashback to a summer's day this flavor with its sweet, sour, and crisp hit 

Candy- The juice for those who have a soft side for sweets and are also looking for that smooth feeling

French Vanilla Caramel Macchiato- You're getting the best of both worlds with this flavor. With its creamy milky vanilla side and its sweet caramel flavor that is sure to be coffee lovers favorite flavor

Fruit Loops- Another cereal juice that brings to the table of burst of different flavors while still giving you that smooth hit that everybody craves 

Fruit Ice- Offering that cool minty flavor while also giving you a sweet fruity flavor that gives you the best of two worlds

Grape- Indulge your taste buds in the ultimate grape sensation; blending fresh, plump, grapes 

Ice- Is a cool, minty blast of menthol which leaves your taste buds with a cool refreshing flavor will leave you wanting more

Mango Lemonade- Fresh, tangy and sweet, this flavor doubles up on the mango and levels out the sweetness with a hint of lemon

Mango Madness- This is the fresh and strong flavor for all those mango lovers out there 

Melon Burst- A super explosion of a splash of watermelon juices sure to leave you coming back for more 

Raspberry Ice-  tart and sweet blue raspberry vape juice with a kick of menthol for the best cool hitting vape juice

Tobacco- The classic go to flavor for those who crave the throwback taste of the past

Wappleade- Words alone can't describe the explosion of flavors you get with this juice, its apple, watermelon, and lemonade reminds you of a crisp summers day on the beach

Watermelon Taffy- Juicy watermelon combined with a bright, tasty taffy that brings you a flavor packed all-day vape 


  • 5
    Blue Razz Lemonade

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2020

    Blue Razz Lemonade is my absolute favorite of any that I have tried.

  • 5
    Blue Razz Ice

    Posted by Steven on 23rd Apr 2020

    The Blue Razz Ice was awesome! Nice blend of sour, sweet, and ice.

  • 5
    finally found this

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Apr 2020

    French vanilla latte is my favorite juice and it was discontinued at stores months ago.

  • 5

    Posted by adam on 8th Apr 2020

    bomb pop is definitely my new fav