Coil Master Wire Spool Kanthal A1 26AWG 30ft

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Elevate your vaping experience with the Coil Master Kanthal A1 26AWG Wire Spool 30ft, available exclusively at Inline Vape. Crafted for precision and performance, this high-quality wire spool enhances your flavor and vapor production. Discover the secret to exceptional vaping and shop now at Inline Vape.

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Produced by Coil Master you have a 30ft spool of 26AWG Kanthal A1 wire to build your coils with. 26AWG kanthal A1 is 0.4mm kanthal A1, which is one of the preferred wires for sub ohm RDA builds, due to its low resistance. It’s thick wire too, which allows you to build easily, just make sure you check your build on your ohms meter before using it!