Coil Master Prebuilt Coils Kanthal A1 100pcs

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Upgrade your vaping experience with Coil Master Prebuilt Kanthal A1 Coils, a pack of 100 expertly crafted coils available at Inline Vape. These prebuilt coils are designed to deliver optimal performance and flavor in your vape setup. Elevate your coil-building game with convenience and precision. Shop now and enjoy a superior vaping experience.

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These coils are perfect for advanced vapers who may not have the time to build, or any vapers looking to experience the quality vaping experience that comes from the more advanced coils. Details: 0.4ohm(22GA); 0.5ohm(24GA); 0.6ohm(26GA); 0.8ohm(28GA); 1.5ohm(30GA)(100pcs/box)