Smok - V12 Prince Strip Coils (3 Pack)

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These authentic SMOK V12 Prince Strip Coils boost the performance of your TFV12 Prince atomizer tank. Rather than having multi-cores made from traditional coil wire, SMOK’s Strip coil heads have a much larger surface area. With more hot metal in contact with the wicked e juice, these atomizer coils are able to generate considerably more cloud and flavour. Many vapers also find that Strip coils have a longer lifespan than coils with single-strand wire.

SMOK V12 Prince Strip coils have a heating core formed from a flat, perforated sheet of metal. Again, the idea is that the increased surface area vastly improves the life-expectancy and performance of the coil head. V12 Prince Strip coils have a flavour focus – but they also produce phenomenal cloud volume between 80 and 90 Watts!