Geek Vape Mini Tool Kit

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Discover the convenience of the Geek Vape Mini Tool Kit at Inline Vape. This compact and portable kit contains essential tools for every vaper. Crafted with precision, these high-quality tools ensure hassle-free coil building and maintenance. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, this kit provides the tools you need for seamless coil installations and adjustments. The Geek Vape Mini Tool Kit is your perfect companion for on-the-go vaping. Don't compromise on quality - choose the best tools for your vaping needs. Upgrade your vaping experience with this reliable and compact toolkit. Shop now at Inline Vape and enjoy vaping without the hassle.

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Why carry big sets of tools when GeekVape offers this practical mini set. Just pack the wire and cotton and you can go, everything you need is already in this set. From pliers and scissors to coil jig. GeekVape thinks everything.

The tools are made of quality materials and for maximum practicality they are stored in a sturdy zipper case. You do not have carry your tool in a freely in a bag.

Package contents

1x Diagonal Pliers
1x Needle Nose Pliers
1x Folding Scissors
1x Phillips Screwdriver
1x Flathead Screwdriver
1x Ceramic Tweezers
2x Geekvape Coiling Kit (φ2.0mm / φ3.5mm; φ2.5mm / φ3.0mm)

Package contents may change.