Efest IMR 18650 3500mAh Single Battery

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Enhance your vaping performance with the Efest IMR 18650 3500mAh Single Battery, available at Inline Vape. This high-capacity battery offers reliable and long-lasting power for extended vaping sessions. Whether you're an experienced vaper or new to vaping, this battery caters to all enthusiasts. Elevate your vaping experience and explore the world of the Efest IMR 18650 3500mAh Single Battery today!

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Manufacturer:     Efest
Size:     18650
Style:     Flat Top
Protected:     NO, UNPROTECTED. This cell is unprotected and intended for use in protected battery packs only and NOT individually or as a standalone product. In order to operate safely it must have additional protection in the form of a PCB (protection circuit board) or BMS (battery management system), which is not included.
Nominal Capacity:     3500mAh
Discharge Current:     10A Continuous, Rated 20A Max Pulse by Efest
Nominal Voltage:     3.7V
Maximum Voltage:     4.2V
Approximate Dimensions:     18.25mm x 65.25mm
Approximate Weight:     47g