Demon Killer Alien V2 Violence Wire (10pcs)

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Elevate your coil-building game with Demon Killer Alien V2 Violence Wire (10pcs), available exclusively at Inline Vape. Discover premium wire options designed to enhance your vaping experience. Whether you're a coil-building enthusiast or simply looking for high-quality wire, Demon Killer provides the precision and performance you need. Elevate your vaping setup and explore the world of premium wire options at Inline Vape.

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Alien V2: 0.25 ohm ( kanthal A1 0.4mm*3+316L 0.25mm)
Brand Name: demon killer
Model Number: Alien V2 Coil/Tsuka
Factory: Demon Killer
Item: Alien V2 Coil,Tsuka coil
Size of Alien V2: 1.7*9mm
Size of Tsuka: 1.6*8mm