Coconut Extra 30ml Flavoring

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Unleash your creativity in the world of DIY e-liquids with Coconut Extra 30ml Flavoring from The Flavor Apprentice. Craft your own unique vape flavors with the rich and authentic taste of coconut. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or just starting out, this flavoring opens up endless possibilities. Elevate your vaping experience with custom flavors – shop now and embark on your flavor adventure today.

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The Flavor Apprentice Coconut (Extra) Concentrate provides the deliciously smooth and milky flavor of fresh coconut. This concentrate has such a strong coconut flavor that you do not need to use much in your mix-- around 2% initially and work from there. You can easily use this as a stand-alone concentrate, but it is essential to steep your e-liquids as it really needs a full week for the coconut flavor to develop properly.