Candy King on Ice 100ml

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Explore the refreshing world of Candy King on Ice 100ml, the ultimate choice for menthol vape enthusiasts. Discover premium quality and unbeatable menthol flavors, exclusively at Inline Vape. Get the coolest vape experience today.

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Your favorite flavors now in a CHILL blend

Batch- sweet and sour candied gummy flavor that is coated with crystallized sugar and sour will leave you going crazy for more 

Belts Strawberry-  version of a popular sour movie candy, taking sour lemon candy and perfecting it with the right amount of sugary sweetness that will have your taste buds buzzing

Sour Worms- This mouth watering mixture of orange, lemon lime, strawberry, cherry, and blue raspberry will surely be your new favorite flavor

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum-  bright and fragrant,bubblegum candy flavored, and the juicy watermelon taste you love

Swedish- A throwback to your favorite candy growing up with its sweet and delightful flavor sure to being happiness to your taste buds